10 Coolest Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 2016

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Father’s day is coming, do you have any idea on what gift you want to dedicated for your beloved father?  If you don’t, we are here to help. We have carefully selected 10 most coolest  Gift ideas from tons of gifts in Father’s Day this year. Here they are as follows:


1. 4X Razor Shaving Kit

A Father will love this shaving kit, it comes with monthly automatic blade refresh. Price start at: $50. More detail visit Dollarshaveclub.


2. Electric Wine Opener

Celebrate father’s day with wine your father will need a wine opener. Get it, open it and Cheers!

Hammacher, $59.95


3. The Year Of Your Birth Half Dollar Pocket Watch

This pocket watch is using a genuine 50-cent piece of the year of your choice. Designed by Adolph A. Weinman and considered one of the finest examples of U.S. coinage, the Walking Liberty commemorates those born between 1934 and 1947.

Price: $99.95


4. Samsung Gear VR

This virtual reality device will bring him to new worlds in enjoy games, video and images. Price: $99.99.


5. The Genuine Irish Linen Ivy Cap

This is the ivy cap hand-tailored from linen spun by world-famous Magee of County Donegal, Ireland. Its 78% linen/11% wool/6% polyamide/5% silk blend is woven in Ireland with classic Magee sensibility, renowned since 1866 for its fine, handwoven tweeds.

Price: $129.95