2.4GHz Wireless TV Headphones

In Audio Gadgets


Now you can enjoy late night sports game, partial to the evening news, or you can listen to your favorite programs while your partner sleeps soundly beside you.

Thanks to 2.GHz TV headphones, with this device, you can hear every detail in your TV show, movie or music without disturbing those around you.

The headphones’ wireless desktop transmitter has AUX IN connections for TV, CD/DVD player, PC/laptop, or mobile device. The device comes with automatic frequency-switching technology ensures no interference with other devices.

Other feature includes a rechargable unit (just place on included recharging stand when not in use), noise reduction and high-def audio with deep bass effect, Soft-touch padded headphones. This wireless TV headphone allow you to listen for up to 10 hours on single charge.

If you are interested you can buy it from Brookstone, now they are offering a special price ($99.99) for this item and will be back to normal price ($119.99) soon!