2012 Mercedes C-Class Coupe By Mansory

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Mansory is Germany luxury car modification firm has recently introduced its latest tuning package for Mercedes C-class Coupe. This new tuning package they will upgrade its exterior and interior. For the exterior, the company offers two different body kits.

The first body kit features modified front bumpers, revised side skirts (left&right), a rear bumper skirt with integrated air outtakes, diffuser and front mask with visible carbon fibre. The secondary body kit includes all the first body kit items plus extended front and rear fenders, a front lip spoiler and a variety of carbon-fiber accessories.

While the interior, is also featured plenty of carbon fiber, such as a customized steering wheel (combination of leather with carbon or leather with leather), carbon shift paddles, dashboard carbon trim, door carbon trim set, and shafrboard carbon trim. Unfortunately, there is no word on pricing for now.

[ Via Mansory ]