3.5-Inch Color Screen Fingerprint Time Attendance System with Camera

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If fingerprint time attendance machine with 1,000 fingerprint capacity storage not enough for you can replace your old one with a 3.5-inch color screen fingerprint time attendance system from ChinaVasion. This new 3.5-inch color screen attendance machine now comes with a camera. It allowed you to store up to 5,000 fingerprint, 100,000 ID records, and with 1GB SD card you can store up to 50,000 pictures. This machine is perfect for your factory or office for monitoring your employee attendance.


This attendance system comes with auto picture camera mode, that capable of taking high quality 1.3MP picture, and multiple identification verification modes (includes fingerprint with 500DPI sensor resolution and one-second identification time, ID card, password/PIN identification). It can be operated both online or off-line.


This fingerprint time attendance system runs with Linux Operating Syetem. It has a built-in timing bell, capacity notification ( it will alarm when log capacity is full), real time fingerprint picture display, and you can download pictures and information via TCP/IP, U Disk or USB.

The 3.5-Inch Color Screen Fingerprint Time Attendance System currently available from ChinaVasion for $180.10 per unit.