4 Real Flying Cars That Actually Fly

In Transportation


Today’s car not only can run on road but also can fly on the sky. The dreams of driving a flying car now become reality. Here are the 4 real cars that would take you to a higher level in driving your car.

1. Terrafugia TF-X

Terrafugia is excited to premier the new Outer Mold Line for the TF-X™, Terrafugia’s vision for the future of personal transportation. This flying car will be a four-seat, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) hybrid electric aircraft that makes flying easier and safer than ever before. Visit Terrafugia.com for more information.

2. Pal V

The PAL-V ONE is a two seat hybrid car and gyroplane: a personal air and land vehicle. What makes the PAL-V ONE attractive is the convenience of fully integrated door-to-door transportation.Pal-v.com

3. Aeromobile 3.0

AeroMobil is a flying car that perfectly makes use of existing infrastructure created for automobiles and planes, and opens doors to real door-to-door travel. As a car it fits into any standard parking space, uses regular gasoline, and can be used in road traffic just like any other car. As a plane it can use any airport in the world, but can also take off and land using any grass strip or paved surface just a few hundred meters long.

4. Maverick

The Maverick LSA design has been developed as an easy-to-operate – air & land craft. It is intuitive and safe to fly, drive and maintain by people in frontier areas of the world enabling them to use this unique vehicle in missions and humanitarian applications – in the world “beyond roads.” Mavericklsa.com