A-DATA 640GB 2.5-inch Portable Hard Drive

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Another portable hard drive from A-DATA Technology, the world leader in DRAM modules and Flash application products. Today A-DATA Technology has announced their latest product, the new 640GB 2.5-inch portable hard drive.

The new 640GB 2.5-inch portable hard drive will available for all A-DATA portable hard drive series, they are also offering a remarkable upgrade on the storage size without sacrificing portability of the device. With 640GB of capacity, users can easily access and share photos, music files, high definition videos or other digital contents without worrying the insufficient storage space. So A-DATA is the Perfect choice for you, if you are looking for both performance and sleek look on their storage device.

The A-DATA come with the free-download value-added application of HDDtoGO (no registration required) and already protected with Norton Internet Security 2009 (with 60-days trial), so you can enjoy enchanted mobility and security with just few mouse clicks away.

[ Via adata-group , techpowerup ]