Alarm Clock Humidifier for Sleep-time Comfort

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If you are looking for two in one alarm clock that function as an alarm clock and a humidifier, then the Alarm clock humidifier is perfect for you. It offers up to eight hours of whisper-quiet moisture to help you breathe easier, moisturize sinuses, quiet coughs, relieve dry skin, and make you sleep better.


Alarm Clock Humidifier comes with an LCD display with a night light for easy view the time in the night. This humidifier does not require a filter in operation. You just need to fill the personal-sized tank, and choose from five mist output settings and relax. It features an alarm clock function, a sleep timer function, a cycle on/off function, and a removable 1.8quart water tank.

Alarm Clock Humidifier uses fewer energy bulbs, which consumes less energy than a standard household light bulb. It’s suitable for use in room with size approx. 100 square feet.

If you need one for your room, you can buy it from Sharper image website for $49.99 each unit.