Alps 21-inches Snowshoes with Carrying Tote Bag

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Winter is coming. If you are looking for snowshoes for your kids, you may consider Alps 21-inch snowshoes. It is a Unisex shoe that make for kids, teens or small build adult. This snowshoe can accommodate up to 150 lbs of user weight. It comes with sturdy aluminum frame material with plastic binding material for use in extreme weather conditions.


Alps 21-inch snowshoes with a special frame design to provide maximum flotation in heavy snow condition. It uses a full rotation binding system that allows the user’s toes to pivot below the deck of the snowshoe. How to choose the right size snowshoe? Here it is: Your weight plus equipment, is referred to as the recommended load or carrying capacity on snowshoe specs.


For example if your body weight is from 90 – 140 lbs: Consider the 21/22 inch models. If your body weight is from 125 – 175 lbs: Consider the 25 or 27 inch models. If your body weight is from 150 – 225 lbs: Consider the 27 or 30 inch models.

If you need one, you can buy it from for $39.99