Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Now Available for Pre-order

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Along with announcing Kindle HD tablets, Amazon also introduces new e-readers called the Kindle Paperwhite which claimed as the world’s most advanced e-reader. This new e-reader is the fifth generation of the Kindle reader. Its offer higher resolution and contrast touchscreen with built-in light to provide the perfect reading experience in all light conditions.



Kindle Paperwhite available in two versions, Wi-Fi only and 3G model. Both models come with 62 percent more pixels and 25 percent better contrast to deliver clear, crisp text and images with no glare, which enable their users to read even in bright sunlight. They feature new hand-tuned fonts (seven font styles with eight adjustable sizes). Both models powered by a rechargeable battery that can provide up to eight weeks of operating time, even with the light on.


Kindle Paperwhite e-readers equipped with 2GB internal memory that can hold up to 1,100 books and built-in Wi-Fi allowed you to download books in under 60 seconds. Both new e-reader let their users to have a massive book selection (over a million titles) with lowest prices ($9.99).


Kindle Paperwhite e-readers Wi-Fi only and 3G model are expected to ship on October 15th, 2012. However, now you can pre-order at for $179 (3G model with Special offers), $199 (3G without special offers). While the Wi-Fi only for $119 (with special offers) and $139 (without special offers).