ApenUSA Release A3 Smart Pen

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ApenUSA has released their new product called A3 Smart Pen. Is a new innovative pen which allowed you to transform everything you write directly to your computer. A3 pen is like a regular pen. You can take it anywhere and write, draw, or scribble on regullar sheet of paper or notepad. So there is no required a special paper. Everything you are written down is stored and when you are plug it to your computer, it will transfer all information, including whAt you draw, sketch, and take note in class. Its means, with this device you are store all your write down informationdirectly to your computer and cell phones. The A3 Smart Pen allowed you to records up to 100 pages.

The A3 Smart Pen comes with a software that allow you to connect to your Blackberry, or Android phone, and share your notes in seconds via Bluetooth’s connectivity. The software allowed you to sync your files to your Blackberry, and Android phone.Thanks to its online mode that allows you upload and save your sketches and notes one you are connected to your PC via USB cable in JPEG files and share it by email instantly. It also allowed you to show all you draw on paper on your laptop screen simultaneously.

A3 Smart Pen currently available at apenUSA website for $129.99 for each unit.

[ Via apenusa ]