Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Now Available For Pre-order

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New Apple iPhone makes all the things you do with your iPhone better, faster and more powerful.

It comes with a new camera captures shots, you never could before. Thanks to it’s larger f1.8 aperture, new sensor, and six element lens, enable brighter, more detailed and photos and videos. And optical image stabilization allows for a longer exposure. So you get even better images in low light.

iPhone 7 Plus also features a telephoto camera. The Two camera operate as one, giving you 2x optical zoom and high quality imagery when you zoom even farther.

It’s also the first iPhone with a stereo speanker system, delivering a powerful immersive audio experience. The enclosure has been entirely re-engineered to make this the first water-resistant iPhone.

It’s driven by the A10 Fussion chip, the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone. High performance and high efficiency cores, let you do the majority of your tasks at a fraction of the power, give you the longest battery life of any iPhone.

Come in two finishes black and jack black.


iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus available for Pre-order now at Or buy at an Apple Store beginning September 16.