ATR Robovie R3 Humanoid Robot

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ATR which has developed the Robovie mR2 robot, now has back with their new Robot Called Robovie R3. ATR has collaborate with VStone in developing this life-sized humanoid robot platform.

The Robovie R3 is features 11 touch sensor throughout its body, a pair of USB cameras for eyes, two microphones for ears and one speaker for its mouth, an optional laser range finder, the Robovie R3 is able to move omnidirectionally and has gripper hands, and its can runs at top speed of 2.5 kilometers per hour.

ATR is going to held a press conference on April 20th. However, they have mention this upcoming robot will be available to research institutions for 3,800,000 JPY ($41,000 USD).

[ Via plasticpals ]