Authentic Southern Sweet Tea Brewer

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If you love drinking tea, now you can make a fresh ice tea at home directly from your own kitchen with the help of Authentic Southern Sweet Tea Brewer. With this machine you can make up to two quarts of Authentic Southern sweet tea that’s will be ready to serve in 10 minutes. It will be a perfect machine for summer days to make cold sweet tea.

Authentic Southern Sweet Tea Brewer features automatic setting the tea temperature at 240 degree Fahrenheit for optimal flavor extraction and adds your preferred amount of sugar while the tea is hot, ensuring the sugar granules dissolve and producing a consistent level of sweetness.

Authentic Southern Sweet Tea Brewer also allows you to adjust the strength of the brewed tea at the turn of a dial and it can be loaded with any kind of loose leaf or bagged tea. This tea brewer comes with a 2 1/2-quart glass pitcher with an ice level marking and a reusable stainless steel tea filter. The pitcher is dishwasher safe.

Make your summer days more fresher with drinking cold fresh tea. If you need  Authentic Southern Sweet Tea Brewer, you can buy it from Hammacher for $49.95 each unit. It backed by Hammacher Schlemmer lifetime guarantee at no additional charge.