AvtoVAZ Introduces Lada Kalina 2 at the 2012 Moscow Motor Show

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AvtoVAZ the Russian car manufacturer has back with introducing its up-coming vehicle for 2013, the Lada Kalina 2 at the 2012 Moscow Motor Show. Lada Kalina 2 is the second generation of Lada Kalina, which offers two new seats for their users. It’s equipped with new power steering to increased sensitivity steering and airbag to protect its driver and passenger from hard bumps.


Lada Kalina 2 will come in two different engine options, between 8-valve and 16-valve, along with two types of transmissions, the manual transmission with a new cable-operated and automatic transmission. According to ZR website, Lada Kalina 2 will be officially launched in the market early next year. The company planned that in the first year will be issued 105,000 units. Unfortunately, there is no word on pricing.

[ Via ZR ]