Balancing Siphon Coffee Maker

In Kitchen Gadgets


Looking for a coffee maker that comes in classic design? Then take a look with a balancing sipon coffee brewer invented by Loeff of Berlin in the 1830s. If you are interested with classic design kitchen appliance, I am sure this coffee maker will attract your attention. It comes with a brewing chamber that made from 100 percent lead crystal, the candle snuffer, pipette, and spigot are made of brass, a solid copper kettle, and a mahogany base.

The balancing sipon coffee brewer comes with an alcohol burner that placed under the copper kettle to heat water to 212 degrees fahrenheit, causing it to pass through the pipette and into the lead crystal brewing chamber where it steeps the coffee grounds at the ideal temperature for making rich, complex coffee.

As the water exits the kettle its integrated counterweight and hinge elevate the vessel, allowing the spring-loaded candle snuffer to cover and extinguish the alcohol burner’s flame. As the water begins to cool slightly in the brewing chamber, the internal pressure is lowered and a vacuum is created that draws the brewed coffee back to the kettle (the pipette’s filter removes coffee grounds) where it can be dispensed through the spigot.

If you want to make coffee with using a classic design coffee maker, you can buy it from Hammacher with price at $699.95.