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You will found some thing diffrence from BlackBerry 7200, 7100, 7130, BlackBerry Bold to BlackBerry Storm. At BlackBerry Storm you will never found so many key pad on it’s surface. BlackBerry Storm looking smooth and clearly with it’s unique touch screen and cutting edge multimedia capabilities.

This BlackBerry Storm demension ( 112.5mm X 62.2mm X 13.95mm ) with it weight 155 gram and this gadget has a high resolution 480 x 360 pixel color displaywith supports over 65,000 Colors.

The Black Berry New ability is :

SurePress Touch Screen

Experience the next level of touch screen phones with SurePress™ touch screen technology. SurePress is a new, pressable touch screen (available on the BlackBerry® Storm™ smartphone) that allows quick navigation, precise typing and more.
Easy Touch Screen Navigation

The SurePress touch screen makes navigation a breeze. Like a mouse, your fingertip becomes the cursor as you navigate from application to application. When you locate the one you want, press down on the screen and it will open.

Selecting options using drop-down menus, radio buttons and check boxes works the same way; touch to highlight then press down to select. You’ll feel the screen click underneath your finger to help prevent applications from opening accidentally and phone calls being placed unintentionally.
Fast and Accurate Typing

With the SurePress touch screen, typing is easy. The whole surface reacts to your touch. To type, simply touch the screen to highlight a letter and then press down to make that letter appear in your message or document.

Integral to the accuracy of the SurePress touch screen is a subtle click that lets you know the letter has been entered so double entering or entering the wrong letters can be a thing of the past. Fast, accurate typing can help you be more responsive and productive.

The SurePress touch screen phone technology was designed to provide a dynamic mobile gaming and viewing experience. You can surf, watch or play in landscape or portrait view on the brilliant touch screen.

Using build in 3.2 mega pixel camera with auto focus and auto flash feature, you will shoot your photos like a pro and with additional video camera function you can capture the sound and action and send email as a live report from the location you are shooting. It’s amazing isn’t it?

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