Bone Horn Stand iPhone Speaker – The Gramophones Style Addons for iPhone

In Audio Gadgets, iPhone, ipod
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For you who love retro style type of accessories, you might wanna check this out. It’s a gramophones styled addons for your iPhone 4 (for iPhone 3GS as well) that will enhance your iPhone 4 built-in speakers by adding 12 decibels of sound pressure.

Once installed, your iPhone 4 sounds will be directed through the gramophones horn. The Bone Horn iPhone speaker is functional as a stand, too. Either landscape or portrait mode is fine, the Bone Horn will take up most of the lower part, even the button will be enclose inside. But no worry, Bone Horn Stand iPhone Speaker has designed a special notch with button-like emboss to help you push the button even it’s inside the bone horn.

Bone Horn Stand iPhone Speaker is yours for $25 at CyberGuys.

[via GeekyGadgets]