Bose Hearphones – Never Miss A Word Again!

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The famous high-end audio maker Bose has recently unveiled their latest product called Bose Hearphones. This new hearing device give the users ability to hear conversation more clearly even in noisy environments.

This newly developed hearing aids use the same Active Noise Reduction technology that the company uses in its mainstream noise cancelling headphones, but with the help of its smartphone application can be used to tone down any noise around users except sound come from in front of the users.

Directional microphones help you focus on conversations in noisy places. Focus, amplify or reduce real-world sounds to the level you want. Active Noise Reduction improves the listening comfort of conversations and takes the edge off the background noise. Use with the Bose Hear app to customize the sound for the best experience. App presets let you save specific audio settings for different environments.

For more information about Bose Hearphones jump over to the official Bose site via the link below.