Brookstone Emergency Portable Power Supply

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Brookstone Portable Power Supply can deliver backup power with just cranks it up. It comes in a compact design that suitable for use at home, car, boat, or anywhere when you need it. This Portable Power Supply allowed you to operate it up to seven hours in fully charge condition.

This emergency Portable Power Supply features plugs and USB ports to power your computers, cell phones, MP3 players, radios, TVs, and more. It comes with an LCD screen lets you know how much power you’ve got, a built-in super LED flashlight that gives you bright illumination and security when in dark areas.

Brookstone Portable Power Supply can be powered by both from crank with your hand or your car’s power outlet (it can be charged from any vehicle power adapter). Its compact design allowed you to fit the device easily in closet or trunk. With this crank power supply you are always ready for blackouts, dead batteries, and storms.

If you need one, you can buy it directly from Brookstone for $239.99.