Brookstone Extra Wide Zero-Gravity Lounger

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Here is another zero gravity recliner from Brookstone, it’s called Extra Wide Zero-Gravity Lounger. According to Brookstone this chair is response to your body weight and reclines to just the right angle. The chair disperses your weight over your entire body to provide optimal relaxation. Moreover, it also removes pressure from joints and muscles.

Extra Wide Zero-Gravity Lounger constructed from a rust-resistant steel frame, it has padded pillow for neck support that make you feel your muscles ease and your mood lighten. This zero gravity lounger comes with an attachable cup holder that placed near right armrest.


Furthermore, according to Brookstone their Zero-Gravity Lounger is withstand years of rain, snow and chlorine from dripping suits, and this chair will continue to look as good as it feels.


If you need one, you can buy it directly from Brookstone for $124.99 each unit.