Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector

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If you are looking for a small projector that easily fit into your pocket for easy carry while you are on the go, then the HDMI pocket projector from Brookstone is perfect for you. This new projector allowed you to use it for business presentations on business hours,  playing games when on leisure time and enjoy your favorite movie with your family or friends at night.


The HDMI Pocket Projector comes with Advance DLP technology that’s capable of project 1080p HD image up to 60-inch diagonal on any flat surface with projection brightness up to 85 Lumens. It’s powered by a 3800mAh battery provides up to two hours of operating time in a single charge via a USB cable.


The HDMI Pocket Projector also has a built-in focus wheel for adjusting the projection resolution and two speakers with volume control. Other features include three feet HDMI cable, a micro HDMI adapter, mini HDMI adapter, AC adapter and an HDMI port.


The HDMI Pocket Projector currently Available at Brookstone for $299.99.