Brookstone Jewelry Steam Cleaner

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If you want to clean your diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals, now you won’t have to spend your precious time to take them to jewelry shop. Because you can clean them by yourself at home with the help of Jewelry Steam cleaner. This device is uses plain tap water on operating. So you don’t need hash chemical again.

The Jewelry Steam Cleaner is a user friendly device and promise to give you pro-quality result. With just fill the tank with 12½-Oz tap water and then plug the steamer and wait several minutes to heat up. When the machine is ready the LED indicator will light up. Afterward you can start to clean your precious stone and metal with release the steam by pressing the activation button locate on the top of the steamer.

The Jewelry Steam Cleaner has an LED that illuminates your jewelry when the cleaning process is being carried out. The Jewelry Steam Cleaner consist of tweezers, built-in steamer basket and water funnel with fill cup.

If you need one for use at home, you can buy it directly from Brookstone for $99.99 each unit.