Brookstone Motorized Electric Coin Sorter

In Digital Gadgets


If you have many coins at your home and don’t have time to sorter them one by one. Now you can do it quickly and easily with the help of Motorized Electric Coin Sorter from Brookstone. It offers accurately sort and stores your coins into wrappers. This machine comes with built-in overflow area catches residual coins and prevents jamming.


As Coin Tubes fill, extra coins will begin to spill into the Overflow Tray. Press the Power Button to turn the unit off and remove filled coin wrappers. Reload the empty Coin Tubes with new paper wrappers and salvage the extra coins from the Overflow Tray. Continue sorting!

This electronic coin sorter comes with five coin storage cylinders hold 50 cents in pennies, $5 in dimes, $2 in nickels, $10 in quarters, and $25 in dollar coins—that’s over $42 in change.

The Motorized Electric Coin Sorter includes one set of coin wrappers, and additional wrappers are sold separately. With this device, you can collect and organize your coins easily and conveniently.

If You need one, you can buy it directly from Brookstone for $34.99 each unit.