Brookstone SnackMan Motion Activated Treat and Candy Dispenser

In Kitchen Gadgets

If you are a person who loves to eat snacks while watching TV or videos, SnackMan will be a good companion for you. SnackMan is a Motion Activated treat and Candy dispenser. This dispenser will automatically dispense your favorite snack with just wave your hand beneath the sensor.

SnackMan Motion Activated treat and Candy dispenser can be loaded with almonds, Chocolate coated candy with a hard shell, gum balls, hazelnuts, Jawbreakers, jelly beans, Jordan almonds (small), Macadamia nuts, non-sugar coated cereal, peanuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, and soy nuts. Attention, SnackMan is not an airtight dispenser, so it cannot be used for food storage.

SnackMan Motion Activated treat and Candy dispenser not recommended to load with snack as follows, candy with a soft chocolate coating, cylindrical/barrel-shaped candy, gummy candy, raisins, salted nuts (it’s just messy), and wrapped candy.

SnackMan Motion Activated dispenser with motion activated sensor helps prevent spread of germs. The dispenser comes with 3 pre-set serving sizes, small handful, large handful, and bowlful. How to use it? Choose the serving sizes, then place your hand or bowl under the chute to activate the sensor and snacks will dispense. Wait until all snacks are dispensed before removing your hand or bowl. For smooth use of this dispenser cleaning the sensor periodically is needed. SnackMan Motion activated dispenser powered by four AA batteries or AC power adapter.

SnackMan Motion Activated dispenser currently sold at Brookstone (now not available).
December 28, 2016 updated: But you can buy it at for $39.99