Brookstone Tabletop Hand Held Vacuum the Kitchen Quick Wet and Dry Cordless Vacuum

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Brookstone Tabletop Hand Held Vacuum offers powerful suction and super-fast cleanups accidental spill on your table. Thanks to cordless design that enable the vacuum easily criss-cross and explore any corner of your Tabletop. With simply draw down on them, the spills on the table quickly get sucked into the vacuum. After use, return the vacuum to its includes recharging station, which is ready to use whenever you need it.


Brookstone Tabletop Hand Held Vacuum come in a compact design that small enough to store on your counter. The Vacuum comes with dual filters to separate wet and dry. It’s good for clean up dust, dirt and small liquid spills. It’s ideal for the kitchen area. Before attempting to vacuum wet spills, make sure the Liquid Separator is correctly installed.


How to vacuuming wet spills? Turn the Vacuum on, place it on the surface where the spill is located, and draw it towards you while pulling the squeegee over the spill. Attention: do not over-fill the Nozzle/reservoir with dry or liquid waste. If the content’s overflow onto the filter, immediately turn off the Vacuum and empty.

Brookstone Tabletop Hand Held Vacuum currently available for order directly from Brookstone with a price of $29.29, and will be shipped on July 31st, 2012. It’s backed with an one-year limited warranty.