Brookstone TimeSmart Self-Setting Projection Alarm Clock

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TimeSmart Self-Setting Projection Alarm Clock

There are many alarm clocks in the market if you are looking for a cool alarm clock, TimeSmart should be in your list. This digital alarm clock is a self-setting projection alarm clock that comes with a built-in projection that allowed you to project the time on your wall or ceiling, so you won’t even have to move your head to see the time, what you need to do is just open your eyes to view the time.

With TimeSmart Self-Setting Projection Alarm Clock, you never set or reset your clock again. Just plug in the DC 8V adapter into the adapter jack and plug the adapter into a power outlet. The internal computer will automatically set the correct time and date for the Eastern Time Zone, which is the initial default setting.

If you need to change the time zone, you only need to do this once and the clock will remember the new default zone setting. There are six-time zone’s options such as ‘A’ for Atlantic time, ‘C’ for Central Time, ‘E’ for eastern time (default setting), ‘H’ for Hawaiian Time, ‘M’ for Mountain Time, and ‘P’ for Pasific time.

This digital alarm clock comes with adjustable backlight with five setting option, high, medium, low, dim, or off. It also features dual crescendo alarms with a snooze button, and it allowed you to set two separate wake-up times.

This self-setting digital clock powered by a CR2430 battery. The battery indicator can be viewed on the display. To avoid manually resetting your clock, replace the old battery with a new one while the clock is plugged into an outlet.

TimeSmart Self-Setting Projection Alarm Clock sold by Brookstone for $59.99. Currently not available but you can buy almost the same model The Superior Projection Clock at for $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.