Cell Phone accessory

Sony Developing a New 3-inch LCD Display With WhiteMagic Technology

Sony is developing a new 3-inch display which is designed for use in future smartphones. This new display is uses their latest WhiteMagic technology, incorporates with fourth white pixel to improving the entire screen brightness. According to the company, they have been able to develop a module that offers one mode to reduce the power [...]

AViiQ Portable Charging Station Now Available for $80

AViiQ has announced the availability of their new Portable Charging Station. The AViiQ Portable Charging Station is designed for you who do not want to spend time multi-tasking cables. It comes with four ports for charging your mobile devices such as your mobile phones, GPS, MP3 player, and tablet PC. It also has a data [...]

Sanyo Electric Announces KBC-L54D and KBC-L27D Enelope Mobile Booster

Sanyo Electric has announced its new enelope mobile boosters, the KBC-L54D and KBC-L27D. Both models are come with the same design as its predecessors, the KBC-L2BS and KBC-L3AS. However, it more powerful and higher capacity than previous version. Both new enelope mobile booster offers to recharge various gadgets, including your latest smartphone and tablet PCs [...]

Jawbone Introduces Up Wrist Sensor for Tracking Your Body Habits

Jawbone which has recently announced its Jambox Gold Limited Edition Bluetooth Speaker, now has back with introducing anew device called Up wrist Sensor. This sensor is come in a shaped of a bracelet which use for tracking your movement, sleeping patern, and eating habits. This small tracking device is design to communicate with your smartphone [...]

MonsterCable Release Monster CleanTouch Pen to Clean Your Smartphone and iPad Screen

Now you can clean your smartphone or iPad easily without needed a spray screen cleaner and cleaning cloth to do the work. Thanks to the Monster CleanTouch Pen all your needs has come in one device. The Monster CleanTouch Pen is combines the screen cleaning solution with cleaning cloth.

PowerSkin Introduces HTC ThuderBolt Skins

PowerSkin has offering their newest case for HTC ThunderBolt. This new case comes with a built-in battery, which mean you can keep your HTC ThunderBolt safe from bump and also charging your smartphone at the same time. According to the company their new case comes can provide up to twice the power.

Global Wave Pic3D Lenticular Lens Turns Your iPhone, Tablet or Laptop Screen into Glasses-free 3D Display

Global Wave has come with their latest product called Pic3D. The Global Wave Pic3D is a lenticular lens film that can be stick on your phone screen, tablet, or even laptop screen. What is use? rather than spend $300 or thousands of dollar to buy 3D LCD monitor, 3D laptop or 3D HDTV, this lenticular [...]

Jabra EASYCALL Bluetooth Headset and CRUISER2 In-car Bluetooth Speakerphone Now Available at AT&T

Jabra which has announced their Freeway in-car Bluetooth speaker phone on March has back with announced their latest Bluetooth headset called EASYCALL. Jabra EASYCALL is an entry-level Bluetooth headset for them who have not previously used a headset. This new Bluetooth headset is released to joined their Jabra CRUISER2, a popular in-car Bluetooth speakerphone.

Elecom Announces DE-A01L and DE-U01L External Battery Charger

Elecom has announced to launches two new external battery charger, the DE-A01L Series and DE-U01L Series. Both charger are design to charge your mobile devices such as iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S while on the go. With Elecom DE-A01L and DE-U01L rechargeable battery, you can use it repeatedly without needed any household outlet power. [...]