Choken Bako Robotic Dog Bank

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If you have a child and you want their learn to saving money in funniest ways, The Choken Baka Robotic Dog Bank is your answer. This funny Dog will amuse your child and even you too with its funny behavior.

How its work? As usually when your child want to save money they need a coin to insert it , and this time is the same but in a different ways. What you have to do is prepare some coin that your child want to save into that Dog Bank, afterward you just need to place a coin into the bowl that already prepare for you. When you put that coin in that bowl the Choken Bako Robotic begin to action and the action will last after the robotic Dog laps it up into its bank. if you want saw its action again just add some more coin into its bowl. Watch the following video :


I think its a wise ways to teach your child to save money while you amuse your child. This Choken Bako Robotic Dog Bank are available to pre-order, but they will not ship to you until they stock ready on November 30,2009. It will cost you for $49 plus $18 worldwide express flat rate.

[ Via chipchick, geeky-gadgets ]