Cloud b Twilight Turtle

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If your child cannot sleep well alone at night, you can give him/her a toy to accompany them to sleep. Twilight Turtle from Cloud b not only accompanies them to sleep but also to help comfort children sleep with transforming any room into a starry night sky, making night-time less scary and more fun. Twilight Turtle is individually hand painted for a unique, artful look that complements any nursery or  children’s room.

Twilight Turltle offers three soothing color options to create a magical, tranquil environment that helps children from age three and up to ease into restful sleep. The color includes amber to create warmth and peace, blue to help calm the senses, and green to create a healing and renewing atmosphere.


Operating this device is easy, as simple as just press on a button and the turtle project the glowing stars for a full 45 minutes (just enough time for most children to drift into sleep). After 45 minutes pass, the twilight turtle automatically shuts itself off to save the battery consumption. You will need three AAA batteries to operate it.


Twilight Turtle currently sold at for $27.09.