Cybernet Commodore Invictus Keyboard PC

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Asus EEE Keyboard PC now has a new competitor called Commodore Invictus form Cybernet. The Commodore Invictus comes with an Atom processor along with a touch screen display, the NVIDIA ION chipset, Wireless HDMI, Chicklet-style keys, and five hours of battery life.

With a new Keyboard PC from Cybernet, it will be a good news for PC users, the PC users will have one more option beside the Asus Eee Keyboard PC. I hope in the future will be even more keyboard PC to be released into the market. Which mean we will have more option and of course with more cheaper price too. Unfortunately, there is no word on pricing and availability from Cybernet.

Update July 05th, 2011:

Cybernetman has contacted us to let us know that the Commodore Invictus is NOT made by Cybernet, but it is made and sold by Commodore USA, LLC. According to Commodore USA, LLC Cybernet is not actually marketing anything as a Commodore unit. However, Cybernet is one of Commodore, USA LLC’s contract, private label suppliers, and they will OEM the Chassis for the Commodore Phoenix model.

They also informed us that their new keyboard PC products includes the ZPC-GX31, and brand new ZPC-D5.

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