db0-3.0 Electric Folding Bike Now Available at Amazon.com

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DB0-3.0 the eco-friendly Electric Folding Bike, which has been introduced earlier this year, available from Amazon.com with a lower price ($1,880), unfortunately, this bike now not available). But you can find it at Hammacher which also sells this bike, but they sold it at a higher price, $2,000 for each unit. However, it’s backed with their lifetime guarantee.


As an information DB0 the eco-friendly Electric Folding Bike is developed by professional Taiwanese e-bike manufacturer called DK City that team up with an Amerikan famous design company called ROBRADY, solely applied self-innovated folding mechanism with American patent and specially equipped with humanized electrical power-assisted technology.


The DB0 the eco-friendly Electric Folding Bike comes with die-casting technology making it a unique clean, bold and innovative electric bike, and with DK City touch had made a fresh approach as of gravity die-casting technology to build the DB0-3.0, which make the bike frame strength more stable and durable.

This electric bike also features a single front fork and single chain stay frame design minimizing the folding dimension to be extremely compact and ultra light, equipped with quality inner three speed which maintenance-free, clean, noiseless, safe, and valuable. The bike Intelligent Pedal Torque Sensor system enables it to detect the torque value from the cyclist’s pedal force to provide humanized assistance comfortably, just like an advance “auto-shifting” device on your fabulous bike.

It also comes with a high-performance DC brushless motor integrated on the front wheels for easier maintenance. This 250W front wheel brushless motor which one activated, will help you peddle up to 20kmh.

Source: hammacher