Deco Breeze Country Rooster and Snowl Owl Fan

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If you are looking for a unique fan for your room. You may consider Bird Figurine Fan from Deco Breeze. It is available in two models; Snow Owl and multi color country rooster. Snow Owl fan come in smaller design which only 14-inch tall by 8-1/4-inch wide. While Country Rooster has a 22-inch tall with 15-inch wide.


Both models have simple on/off with three pedaled fan blade. They powered by a 30watt copper-spun motor that offer smooth running operation. Deco Breeze fans are ideal for home or office room that functions as a room decor. Country rooster fan sold for $76.59 and Snow owl fan sold for $79 each unit.

Both Country Rooster fan and Snowl owl fan available from