Diamond Selector II a Professional Loupe and an Electronic Diamond Tester Machine

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If your hobby is collecting precious stones such as diamond, the following gadget called Diamond Selector II will help you to determine the diamond is real or not. This device is a professional loupe and an electronic diamond tester machine. It is ideal for use when you are shopping for jewelry, buying or trading diamonds, collecting gems, gem stone bead work, scrap jewelry collecting, bidding at auctions, estate sales and more.


The Jewel’s Diamond Testing Pieces comes with an LCD display, an LED light, and it will emit an audible sound to give an accurate reading, and buzzer alerts you when the probe tip touches metal, and the diamond indicator illuminates (GREEN) to report that a REAL diamond is being tested.


How to use this electronic diamond tester? Firstly, clean your stone before testing (grease and other dirt can give inaccurate test results), and then touch the probe of the selector to the stone you are testing, and finally, if the diamond is genuine, the selector will beep and the scale will light up. If it’s a fake (glass for example) there will be no reaction.

The Jewel’s Diamond Testing Pieces currently sold at Amazon.com for $29.95.