Digistor DIG-82123 1TB External Hard Drive for PS3

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Looking for an external hard drive for your Playstation 3 (PS3)? There is a good news for you, Amazon has just offered a new portable hard drive from Digistor called DIG-82123. Now you can have this 1TB storage device for only $119, which previously sold for $189. Which means you can save up to 37 percent or around $70.


DIG-82123 external hard drive come with USB 3.0 interface and backward compatible with USB 2.0 interface. With Digistor 1TB hard drive you can store all your PS3 games into one small device (pocket size) which allows you easily carry it anywhere as you want. This storage device also allows you to backup your MPEG/MP4 files (no copy protection and it’s file size smaller than 4GB), movies, photos, and video files. Digistor external hard drive is USB powered portable hard drive, that no need for an additional wall adapter when operating it.

If you need one to take it on your travel this winter, you can buy it from Amazon.com at this link.