Don’t Talk Dirty!

In Cell Phone accessory

Don’t get me wrong! what I mean is yours cell phone or smartphone. You can read how dirty is your smartphone at here. 

Now you know that you phone not as clean as you imagine. But worry not we have a solution for you.


With phoneSoap smartphone sanitizer it can easily help you zap most of those germs automatically.

Simply place your phone inside, attach the charging cable, and close the lid. Inside, a pair of specialized, ultra-violet lights do the dirty work for you, while exterior lights let you know when the phone is clean and charged.

Large enough to accommodate most smartphones, it comes with a micro USB charging cable that can be easily switched out to fit your phone’s requirements. The case even has built-in acoustic amplifiers that allow you to continue listening to music or use your phone’s alarm while it’s getting its spa treatment. Made in China.

This cell phone or smartphone cleaning device is a perfect choice for every traveller. Take it with you on your journey and you can use it whenever your need it.

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