DYSON 360 EYE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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If you are looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner, there is a popular brand you can trust “DYSON” and lately they have introduce a new Robotic Vacuum cleaner called DYSON 360 EYE.


The 360 EYE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner use Dyson patented cyclone technology to provide a powerful sucking power and more capable vacuum, and give you the best cleaning result.

If you’re buying a robot vacuum with the goal of having it get under low furniture, this is not the unit for you.
Because the 360 EYE has a taller body than most of the other robotic vacuums on the market. This vacuum cleaner is 4.72 inches tall, compared with the new Roomba 980, which stands 3.6 inches tall. The Dyson 360 in at a 9-inch diameter, versus almost 14 inches for the new Roomba.


The more powerful a vacuum cleaner the more it’s drains battery. The 360 Eye operating hour about 45 minutes in between charges, if compare to Roomba 980 that last for closer to two hours.

The next minus point, the Dyson leaves a few spots under furniture that would require attention during a deep clean, compare to other vacuum such as Roomba, it would tidy up during a normal cycle.


Dyson 360 with Cyclone design means it could collect a lot more dirt before its bin was full and required human help to be emptied.

If you want to try this powerful Vacuum cleaner you should prepare a thick wallet. Price: $1,399.00 Get it from Amazon.com