Eco-Save Energy Saving Space Heater

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Eco-Save Space Heater is an energy-saving space heater to deliver heat every time, and everywhere you need it. You can use it to warm a room in your home, offices, or workshops. It comes in egg shape that allowed you easily to place it in anywhere in your room such as cabinet, counters, shelves or on top of your desks.


If the typical space heater consumes between 1500 to 2500 watts of power, the Eco-saver only consumes half energy of a standard space heater (just 750 watts of power). Which means it will help you to reduce your energy power consumption, and as the result you can save more money.

The Eco-Save Space Heater comes with Safety Shut Off function that will automatically shut off when it is tipped over, to reduce risk, increasing safety and peace-of-mind. Keep your room warm this winter with Eco-save heater for only $39.19 from