Emerson Karaoke Alarm Clock with 4 Port Charger

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If you are searching for an alarm clock with several port that capable of charging your smart devices, Emerson Karaoke is the right option for you. This alarm clock comes with 4 USB ports for charging your iPad, iPod, MP3 player, tablet, or any devices that can be charged via a USB cable. These ports can charge up to four devices simultaneously.

Emerson Karaoke includes Alarm clock with FM radio and it’s equipped with a speaker to alerting you when the time you set is arrived and of course use for listening to the radio FM broadcast. It has also come with a built-in SCD (Smart Current Detection) technology that will monitor your device’s battery voltage. When the peak battery voltage is achieved, it will stop charging and it will start charging again when the battery voltage drops.

If you need one, you can buy it from Amazon.com for $ Euro.