Energizer LED Folding Lantern

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Energizer has introduced its latest lighting device called LED Folding 360 area lantern that offers powerful, water resistant, and lightweight design. This lantern can handle any of DIY projects or emergencies and also outdoor activity such as camping, fishing, hiking, and biking.

Energizer LED Folding 360 Area Lantern equipped with light fusion technology. It uses LEDs lamp that never burns out or need replacing. According to the company their lantern produces up to 300 Lumens of brightness. It’s powered by 4 or 8 Energizer AA batteries that can provide up to 100 hours of runtime (area light).


This LED folding lantern is a water resistant which mean it is outdoor friendly device. This LED folding lantern also features smart-dimming technology, which makes it possible to vary the brightness to suit your needs and prolong the battery life. You can set your desire brightness with simply press and hold the power button. It has a retractable stand for stability when you use it for 360 degrees of area lights.


Energizer LED Folding 360 Area Lantern currently available from Amazon.com for $34.18.