Ergoguys EG-ErgoArm Adjustable Computer Arm Rest with Mouse Pad

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Ergoguys EG-ErgoArm is an adjustable ergonomic support system that design for elbows, forearms, and wrists to reduce aches and pains such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in the wrist, arm, shoulder and neck areas cause by long-term use of computer and other repetitive movements.


Ergoguys EG-ErgoArm come in a portable design that allowed you to attach and move it from your home desk to your work desk easily. It has a 6-inch arm pads to guide your arm and wrist to be placed in a comfortable position. EG-ErgoArm not only can be used for right arm, but left arm as well. This arm support can hold up to 24 pounds and relieves 90 percent of the weight that your wrists undergo.

Ergoguys EG-ErgoArm also features a built-in mouse pad with durable powder coat paint, and aluminum alloy construction. It has three pivot points and two adjustable hinges for ergonomic comfort.

Ergoguys EG-ErgoArm adjustable computer arm rest currently available from for $62.20.