Evaporative Indoor Mist Fan

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Evaporative Mist Indoor Fan is an innovative appliance that combines an ultrasonic humidifier, misting fan and normal fan into one device. It can be operated independently as a humidifier or with the fan. The fan generates gentle ultrasonic vibrations that create microdroplets of mist that feel dry to the touch and evaporate instantly, creating a fan-driven, cooling mist.

Evaporative Mist Indoor Fan is ideal to help cool off the hot summer days. The device circulates the cooling mist up to 1,600 cubic feet, and it’s capable of 360 degrees rotating louver. The device has three fan speeds and can be operated in three modes (Natural, Normal, and Sleep).

This Mist Indoor Fan equipped with 1 1/2-liter tank to produce up to nine hours of mist before needing to be refilled. It comes with Caster for easy mobility, an LED display for easy viewing the fan status and menu, build-in timer, and a remote control.

Evaporative Mist Indoor Fan is best used in dry climates or open spaces. Leave window/door open when temperature or humidity rises in the room.

If you need this device, you can buy it at Hammacher.com for $179.95 each unit.