Exogear Introduces Exovolt Plus the World’s First Stackable Battery Pack

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Exogear has back with introducing their latest product called Exovolt Plus, the world’s first stackable battery pack. It comes in a modern design and it made for paired with your iPad, iPhone, and iPod. This new battery pack offers an unlimited expandable battery capacity. Which means this stacktable battery pack can deliver as much power as the amount of sub-units you are able to stack.


The Exovolt Plus main battery package is a 5,200mA Lithium Polymer Battery that comes with four LED battery power status indicator lights, 30-pin charge/sync cable, a Micro-USB cable, a USB cable and Auto-Safety protection system that function as an automatic input/output control, double circuit protection, overheat protection, and short-circuit protection. The Exovolt Sub Battery packages cannot be operated independently, in other words, it requires main battery to operate.


The Exovolt Plus main battery package and Sub Battery package will be available soon. However, there is no word on releasing date. The main battery package will be sold for $89.95, while the sub unit sold for $49.95 directly from Exogear.com.