Facebook Increases Transparency By Updating Video and Third-Party Viewability Metrics

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In light of its recent video fiasco and growing pressure from advertisers to open up its so-called walled garden for more third-party verification, Facebook today is announcing a ton of changes to its measurement system.

Facebook has added a new metric called “video watches to 100 percent,” which tracks both completed views and completed audio. “Video watches to 100 percent” replaces a previous stat that was called “video views to 100 percent.” With the addition of the new metric, Facebook estimates that there will be a 35 percent increase in the count of watches to 100 percent.

Mark Rabkin, head of ads engineering at Facebook, told Adweek that his company has underestimated these views and is adding the new metric because, “when audio and video plays on the phone, sometimes the audio track and the video track get a few milliseconds out of alignment,” he said. “Then you have to make a choice—when do you count the video as finished? Is it when the audio track ends or when the video track ends?” Read more…