Fenix TK40 the Brightest Battery Powered LED Flashlight Review

When we are going to buy a flashlight on today market, we will be given two option to choose between the regular lightbulbs and LEDs. As we all knows the regular lightbulbs will consume more power than LEDs. However, with the development of light-emitting diodes (LED) will be significantly reduces the flashlight power consumption, and the result you flashlight will have a longer battery lifetimes than incandescent lamps.  Beside lower the power consumption, the LEDs also less fragile than conventional glass lamps. Other benefits of LEDs are an advantage of maintaining a specific color temperature regardless of input voltage or current.

When we are choosing a flashlight what we are considering are the power of light from a flashlight, and the power consumption of the flashlight itself.  One of the flashlights that using LEDs is TK40 from Fenix. The Fenix TK40 offers a maximum 630 Lumens generated by an LED light source which comes with an incredible amount of radiance. The Fenix TK40 with Turbo mode function is said to be the brightest battery powered LED flashlight. The Fenix TK40 with it’s brightest flashlight can cuts through the darkness with a brilliant white light that reaches distances well. It able to illuminate the far reaches of a fenced backyard with this flashlight, and effectively clear the entire visible portion of the yard from one position.

The TK40 LED flashlight is made of T6 aircraft-grade aluminum with durable Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish and anti-roll body design. The one thing you will never worry about, this LED flashlight having a Mammoth portion of light anytime you need it. With a beam projection of 984 feet or around 299 meters you can cover a very large area.

The TK40 LED flashlight is offers four light output setting includes:

  • low (can be use up to 150 hours at a 13 Lumens),
  • mid (can be use up to 20 hours at a 93 Lumens) ,
  • high (can be use up to 6.8 hours at a 277 Lumens) and
  • turbo(can be use up to 2 hours at a 630 Lumens).

From the above description, they can be summarized as follows, when you set it on low setting you will get 13 lumens of light with 150 hours of light or around six days of light. However, if you setting the flashlight on the turbo mode you can have a fantastic bright (630 lumens) in full two hours. Switching between the modes is a bit cumbersome at first, but you will be more familiar with this flashlight after several time of use.

In additional to the four light output settings, this LED flashlight offers four secondary functions: Slow flash, fast flash, SOS and strobe, all these function can be set with a double-click of the switch. The SOS function will be really help as an outdoor-adventure tool. While the strobe function was extremely cause disorienting and cause an immediate desire to look away or shield the eyes.  The strobe function is tied to the Turbo setting, which means the combination of a blinding light source and the disorienting strobe may very well buy a few precious seconds for the users.

What battery the Fenix TK40 flashlight uses?

The TK40 LED flashlight is powered by eight 1.5V AA (Ni-MH, Alkaline) batteries,   it uses Cree XM-L LED with lifespan up to 50,000 hours.  The Fenix TK40 can be powered by 4 AA batteries in an emergency.

Who need this TK40 LED Flashlight?

If your profession has anything to do with search and rescue, public service, safety inspection, patrol, exploration, night guide, or many other commanding situations, then this LED flashlight has the portability, reputation, and indestructibility your looking for. This flashlight also can be use as your defensive tool, and if you are a police officer this TK40 flashlight will be an ideal tool to combine with your handgun, because this flashlight is significantly lighter than other full-sized flashlights.

Do the Fenix TK40 flashlight is a waterproof and shockproof device?

The Fenix TK40 LED flashlight has meet the waterproof IPX-8 standard (not dive rated), and the TK40 come with a Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish. It also has an ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating.

Any complain about the Fenix TK40 flashlight?

I have check the customer reviews on Amazon site, from 66 customer review only one customer comes with one star and two star review and the rest are three star and above. Which mean this product is eligible for consideration.

Where can I buy this TK40 flashlight and how much the price?

I have compare with several sites that selling Fenix TK40 LED flashlight and Amazon still occupy the lowest place in terms of price. Check their price at this link.