Flash Sport Band Watch with LED Lamp

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Flash Sport Band Watch is a digital watch that comes with a bright LED lamp. The watch is a slip-on silicone band which makes it more durable. It is a water-resistant watch that allowed you to use it under the water down to 100 feet. It has an LED lamp that can be operated up to 50,000 hours.




The Flash Sport Band is designed for both indoor or outdoor use. The built-in LED lamp is easy to use, as simple as just touch on a button. You can use it for lighting the way when you’re out in the evening, so you never need an additional flashlight again.

The Flash Sport Band Watch is available in two models, large face and small face with six optional colors, black, blue, navy, purple, red, and white. The band size can be chosen from medium or small. Brookstone is currently selling it for only $19.99. However, if you buy two pieces, they will give you a special price of $30.