FLIR Scout PS32 320×240 Thermal Monocular

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FLIR Scout PS32 Monocular is a compact, rugged, and lightweight thermal handheld camera provides clear, crisp thermal imagery from dawn to dusk and in the dark. With sizes only (2.3W x 2.4H x 6.7D -inch ) and 12-ounce of weight, this monocular fits easily and naturally in your palm.

FLIR Scout PS32 Monocular is weatherproof design that has met IP67 submersible waterproof rating and can be operated in environments with temperatures ranging from -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. It has three selectable display palette includes white hot, black hot and the powerful Instalert to provide excellent image detail in a variety of environments.

FLIR Scout PS32 Monocular can be operated with one hand, and it has four easy operating buttons, such as power On/Off button, brightness button (also act as an LED tasklight button when the camera is power off), Palette button, E-Zoom button, and a USB port for recharging the internal battery. The battery can provide up to five hours of operating time in single charge. It also has a standard tripod mount for extended stakeouts.


FLIR Scout PS32 Monocular (320×240) currently available from Amazon for $2,951.04. It’s also available lower resolution, the PS-24 (240×180) for only $1,993.56.