Future Touchscreen by Corning

In Art Design


Corning, the company that produces Gorilla Glass display for our current smartphones and tablets, has been showing their brilliant idea through teaser videos at Youtube. The video name called “A Day Made of Glass 2: Unpacked.” In their teaser video, Corning has open our mind with their vision of the possibility using their Gorilla Glass in the future. Let’s enjoy the following videos: 

On their teaser video, we can assume that Corning has predicted, their Gorilla Glass has been widely used in many fields in the future, including schools, medical field, future tablet, transportation, home, entertainment, and many more.

If the Corning concept becomes real, it will help our next-generation technology reached a higher level. This new technology will help them to fight for a greener world, if we consider in terms of paper use at school(especially books and notebooks) and medical field report as shown on the video above. I hope this brilliant idea will become true soon, so we can enjoy this kind of technology too.

[ Via corning ]