Galaxy C7 Pro GFXBench Listing Shows 4GB Of RAM

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Samsung’s Galaxy C7 Pro has popped up in the benchmarks yet again, this time on GFXBench, and it would seem that some of the specs listed match up with previous benchmark leaks for the unreleased smartphone that have surfaced recently.

Showing up on AnTuTu just earlier this morning, the Galaxy C7 Pro was listed as having 4GB of RAM which is about standard with most flagships right now, and it would appear that the listing on GFXBench mirrors this particular notion.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that the specs are confirmed, it does certainly suggest that they’re more or less accurate.

Alongside the AnTuTu listing from earlier this morning as well as the new showing on GFXBench, the Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro is also thought to have shown up on Geekbench yesterday on November 28th, showing the same amount of RAM that can be seen in the other two benchmarks.

Among the amount of memory for the phone, there are other matching specifications as well, such as the version of Android software that is likely to come running on the phone out of the box at launch.

While this could certainly change by the time Samsung is ready to launch the Galaxy C7 Pro, GFXBench also lists Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow as being the OS version that consumers will be able to expect when the phone finally goes on sale.
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