Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator Kit-1250 the Silent Eco-Friendly Generator

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Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator Kit-1250 is a solar-powered generator who showing first time earlier this year at CES 2012. This green generator offers no noise, and no fumes or fuel to store. Because this eco-friendly generator is powered by two Boulders 30 solar panels, which charge Yeti Kit-1250 in 24 hours from the sun and as an option it also allowed you to charge via AC in only 16 hours.


Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator Kit-1250 is suitable for use at camping, tailgating, at home, or anytime you need some free, silent and zero-emission energy. It has an LCD indicators allow you to keep and eye on the 1250 watt-hour battery level. This generator can be operated indoors safely. When the generator is fully charged you can use its power a refrigerator for up to 24 hours, home alarm system more than 10 days, television up to 35 hours, or printer to print more than 18,000 pages.


Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator Kit-1250 currently available from Amazon.com for $1,799.99.