GoVacuum GV62711 UPC 60893974724 24k Gold Plated Vacuum Cleaner

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If you are a vacuum cleaner enthusiast or collector don’t miss with this unique vacuum cleaner, the GV62711 UPC 60893974724 from GoVacuum. It is a 24k Gold plated vacuum cleaner. It comes with a standard hand sewn outer bag (from most any material you choose) that’s lined by an all-metal zipper-encasing the disposable HEPA bag. The company also offers free engraving, for this Luxury vacuum cleaner, and customization is seemingly limitless.


According to the manufacturer, their GoVacuum GV6272011 is an one-of-a-kind, commercial grade, gold plated, cleaning machine that will impress with its power, lightweight, and its ability to vanquish pet hair, fur, grime, dust mites and other debris with ease. Furthermore, to give satisfaction to their collector, this product will be produced only 100 units worldwide,  each machine will be engraved with the serial number and will come with a certificate of authenticity.

GoVacuum GV62711 features:

  • 100% metal construction with a 24k gold-plated highly polished golden finish
  • High-performing 10 amp motor
  • 14” wide cleaning nozzle with wooden roller brush
  • Anti-marring urethane wheels
  • Lightweight at just under 16 pounds
  • Free global shipping
  • UPC 60893974724

If you intend to collect this luxury vacuum cleaner, you must dare to pay $999,999. It’s backed with Lifetime GoVacuum Warranty.

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